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Clean, Burn, Shape 10-Day Program


The Clean, Burn & Shape program is intended as a complete detoxification and weight loss program for adults over 18 years old and who are not pregnant or nursing. Adults with medical conditions should seek medical supervision.

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Clean, Burn, Shape 30-Day Program


The 10 day Clean Burn Shape DETOX Program is one of the most effective programs to weight reduction, cleansing, and attaining optimal health.  When I did the program in March 2015, my body was quickly trained to eat good wholesome foods and reduces my cravings for sugar.  Since March, I have done the 10 day detox about 4 times this year.  I eagerly look forward to doing another 10 day round with my staff, friends and family starting November 2.  I highly recommend this DETOX program for all of my patients.

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Orenda O-Tropin

Through the natural support of amino acids, Orenda O-Tropin focuses its anti-aging efforts on the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland and controls many of the hormones essential to healthy aging. Taking Orenda O-Tropin is easy. Simply spray Orenda O-Tropin under your tongue, hold, and swallow. Morning and night. You’ll be amazed at how good you can and will feel.

A Healthy Pituitary Promotes:

  • Energy and endurance
  • Healthy immune function
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Libido / sexual function
  • Healthy mood and brain activity
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Normal sleep patterns
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Ultimate Orenda OPC (30 stick packs)


Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are some of the most powerful polyphenolic substances in the plant kingdom. The OPCs in Ultimate Orenda OPC combine the remarkable qualities of the aronia berry with a host of other best-in-class antioxidant ingredients. Due to their potent antioxidant activity, OPCs have been the subject of recent research demonstrating their noteworthy health properties.